Preparing Your House To Sell

Preparing Your House To Sell

A house that is properly prepared to sell will attract more buyers and sell at a better price.  Here is a list of small, inexpensive suggestions that will make a big difference.

The Outside First Impressions are Important!

If you move before your house sells, remember to have someone responsible look after the outside of your home, so that the buyer doesn’t feel that your home has been abandoned.  Lawns should always be mowed, driveways and sideways shovelled.

– Declutter        – Remove seasonal toys such as snowmobiles, boats, etc.

 – Keep the number of vehicles to a minimum.

– Drain Pipes    – In place and showing how water will flow away from the house.

– Driveway        – Clear of bikes & toys.

– Shovelled in winter.  Clear of dirt & clay in summer.

– Flower beds  – Neat & weeded.

– Grading          – Ensure that water runs away from your house.

– Lawn                – Green, free of dandelions, and neatly mowed.

– House No.      – Remove and repaint if necessary.

– Railings           – In good repair – paint if rusty.

– Mask nearby so as not to get paint on the house, steps or landing.

– Sidewalk         – In the summer, cleared of debris.

 – In the winter, cleared of snow.

– Shed                – Clean out the stuff that hasn’t been used in years.  Clean & organize.

– Siding             – In good repair and clean.  Powerwash if necessary.

– Steps              – Cleared of boots , shoes, toys.  Swept in winter.

 – Clear of leaves & debris in summer.

– Welcome Mat – If you need a new one, throw it away and buy it.

The Inside  First impressions are important here to!

– Baseboards    – These are often forgotten after painting, or installing new flooring.

– Paint or stain as necessary and reinstall.

– Bathrooms   – Sink

– Minimize toiletries.

– Clean Countertops.

– Recaulk if necessary.

– Buy new soapdish & toothbrush holder.

– Tub

– Clean caulking and grout

– Recaulk if necessary,

– Buy new shower curtain if necessary.

– Buy new bathmats and towels and use for showings only.

– Bedrooms   – Remove clutter from dresser and night tables.  Clean & polish.

– Dust lamps, clocks, etc.

– Buy new linens & pillows if necessary in neutral colors

  (you can take them to the new house).

– Carpets        –  Spots removed & professionally cleaned.

– Closets          – Remove winter coats clothing for summer showings.

– Purge unused clothing.

– Remove old wire hangers.  Match the hangers.

– Organize Neat & Tidy

                               – If sliding door, make sure they work good.

– Clutter            – Plan to get rid of at least half your clutter.

– Rent a storage bin in necessary.

– Doors              – Remove decals & repaint/stain as necessary

– Trim sticking doors.  Tighted hardware if required.

                – Lubricate squeaky hinges with silicon dust.

– Drawers        – Clean & organized.  Matching knobs and handles.

– Tighten screws if necessary.

– Furniture     – Less is more.  Remove warn pieces.

– Buy new cushions & plan to take them to your new home.

– Garage          – Empty the garage & make it neat.

– Remove chemicals that might be creating odors, and air it out.

       – A place for everything and everthing in it’s place.

– Let your buyers  picture their vehicles in there new garage.

      – Sweep and hose floor if necessary.

– Keys               – Cut an extra set for the Realtors’ Lockbox.

– Kitchen         – Remove small appliances from countertops.

– Make the countertops shine.

       – Clean the fridge, stove microwave and dishwasher

   inside and out (don’t forget the door edges).

       – Remove things displayed on the fridge.

       – Buy new floor mats if necessary.

– Lights            – Bulbs all working, same brightness and color.

– Switches all working & faceplates on.

– Turn on all lights for showings.

– Odors            – Eiminate bad odors at the source.

– Use air neutralizer minimally at least 8 hours before a showing.

– Painting          – Paint to spruce things up.  Use neutral colors.

– Consider hiting a professional to take the pressure off.

– Pantry              – Clean & organize.

– Pictures           – Remove the family pictures, posters, and school artwork.

– Walls               – Remove decals, wash and paint as required.

– Windows       – Clean in & out.  Remember to clean window sills & blinds.


– Condo Docs   – See my webpage All About Condo Docs

– Pictures          – Take pictures of your yard in the summer

– and including your flowerbeds in full bloom.

– Display for open houses and showings.

– Utilities        – Potential buyers often ask what the utility costs would be.

    – To prepare, make a list of all utilities:

        (cable, electricity, natural gase, garbage, water, sewer),

       for the months March, June, September & December.

       Keep the bills in a file in case buyers ask.

Be Prepared for Short Notice Showings

Be prepared to show your home on a moments notice.

It happens!  A realtor might be taking buyers on a house tour

and they spot your house, and ask to see it immediately.

People understand that an active house cannot be a showhome,

but if you’ve planned for it, emergency showings need not be a panic.

Youngsters need their toys, teenages my not make their beds.

Create a quick cleanup involving your whole family.