About Me

I am a Licensed REALTOR® with a background in technology leadership.  Real Estate is my second career.

Why real estate?

– I find helping people rewarding, and what could be more rewarding than helping people with one of the biggest decisions of their lives!
– I’m detail oriented and my nature is to take control, be a project manager, things that were fostered by my career in IT.
– It’s a career that’s acceptable for those in the twilight of their working years. According to Service Canada, 9% of the Canadian realtors are 65 or over, a proportion which is three times higher than for all occupations (3%).

Why 2% Realty? While searching for a realty company, I stumbled on 2% Realty. I had heard of them, but I honestly knew very little about them. Once I learned more, I was instantly hooked!

The most challenging part of any Real Estate Agents job is lead generation. At 2% Realty, the attractive commission sells itself. In a highly competitive industry, 2% Realty Real Estate Agents easily differentiate themselves from other Real Estate Agents based purely on their reduced commission rate. While the commission on each home is less, agents working for 2% Realty sell many more homes.

In the end for me though, it’s about helping people, not about making money. If I can help homeowners save thousands on their real estate commission, while selling their homes quicker, and at the same time make a good living, why not? It’s a win-win!

I have chosen to supplement my basic residential realty training with with two additional designations:
– e-Pro Specialist – which helps me understand how to take advantage of social media
– Seniors Real Estate Specialist – which taught me how to help people over 50 plan their future, deal with aging, uncertain finances, etc.